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30 Days to Fit

Listing: Free consultation for starting the 30 days to fit program. 20% off your first order.


Listing: Free samples upon request. 20% off your first order.

Plexus Worldwide

Free shipping on orders over $50. Those looking to take advantage of the business opportunity, your joining fee for the year will be waived.

Plexus Worldwide is a health and wellness company that provides natural plant-based products that can aid in relieving many health related symptoms. Also, a wonderful business opportunity for those looking to free themselves from financial burden.

Pono Nutrition

$2.00 off Mega Energy Tea
$1.00 off Iced Coffee
$13.00 Shake and Tea Combo
$2 off an order of protein donuts

Regenerating Your Health With Essential Oils

For a "one on one" educational consultation with me, or with a group of your friends, I will give free samples of oils to address the various health issues that your family is dealing with. I will research with you to find what works best for you, and your family! Contact me and let's sit down and get acquainted! My goal is to help others seek out a more natural way to address the health issues that families deal with! Give me a call! 772-633-6869 or txt me....or find me on facebook - Alice Vogt and private message me. Let me show you how you can get your oils for 25% off and also earn credits to get free oils.
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